Chicago rapper The GTW has teamed up with fellow Windy City producer Bengfang on a 4 track EP. The results are more than interesting as both artists are well on their way to creating a new type of hip hop + electronic combination. I came across GTW’s music a couple months ago and was intriguied by his down to earth style, easy flow and poignant lyrics; this time around he brings the same energy with a more polished sound. Meanwhile, the production from Bengfang is superb with genre-blind beats and two awesome re-imagined samples of from Flight Facilities and Gwen Stefani .This project is another step in a musical movement that GTW dubs Glo-Fi, here’s what he he had to say about it:

Glo-fi sound infused with etinan (nga) x nachn (cha) township flavor. Producer Bengfang and vocalist The GTW present their original mash up of modern & cultural influences. 48/14 identifies with the emotions of the socially obscure who’s actions aren’t based only on a capitalist approach. The EP is for those who see faces instead of opportunity, for those who disregard social “status” and replace it with a genuine liking. We create not because it’s popular, not because it yields $, but because it shows our own passionate imperfection.

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